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Diary Of A Slut

Whore Bitch

12 October 1990
This Livejournal is a story about a girl who lives 2 completely different lives. This is one side of the story, my story.

Take me as I am :)
a perfect circle, abortion rights, age play, alternative lifestyles, anal, anal sex, anita blake, ankle cuffs, asphyxiation, auto erotic asphyxiation, ball gags, batman, bdsm, beating, beauty, beetlejuice, being tied up, bette davis, betty boop, bif naked, bisexual, biting, black & white films, bleeding, blindfolds, blood play, bloodsports, bondage, books, breast bondage, chains, charles manson, choking, church styles, collars and leashes, coop, cradle of filth, cult films, danny elfman, daredevil, dead, deranged, discipline, dismemberment, dominance & submission, dracula, dying hair, eaten alive, ed gein, erotica, evil dead, fetishes, fight club, flogging, forensic books, forensic profiler, forensics, girl bands, golden showers, gothic, gothic boys, gothic clubs, haunted, henry lee lucas, him, horror movies, humiliation, interview with a vampire, it's alive, john wayne gacy, joy division, kitchen knife conspiracy, lacuna coil, letters, libra, local music, lords of acid, love, makeup, making clothing, marilyn manson, masochism, masters, mind reading, misfits, moon goddess, nipple clamps, obscure fetishes, obsession, ohio, orgies, oxygen deprivation, peircings, poe, poet, pro-choice, psycho, punk, raven, reading, riding crops, role playing, rope bondage, rope suspension, rough sex, s&m, sadism, sadomasochism, serial killers, serial murderers, sewing, sex gang children, sex parties, sex partners, sex with strangers, sexual acts, silent films, six feet under, ska, snailmail, spanking, stationary, strangeland, tattoos, ted bundy, texas chainsaw massacre, the crow, the damned, the morgans, tim burton, tool, tori amos, tromaville movies, type o negative, vampire journals, vampire love dolls, vampire movies, vampires, vincent price, whips, writing, yahoo messenger, younger, zombies